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Stephanie Militello’s love of all things “home” led to her desire to sell them. With experience building her own home and horse barn, as well as helping other family members through the building process, she’s well-equipped to guide those looking into new construction.

An expert in upscale property sales, Stephanie is always able to find the right house for clients, even if it happens to be off the market. Negotiating is her hobby and she’s always working to get the right property at the right price for her clients.

Stephanie grew up in Hong Kong and has traveled extensively throughout her life. She’s a woman of faith who loves horses and is an avid supporter of her local 4-H chapter, believing that the responsibility of raising animals turns children into terrific adults.

"Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable and very professional when it came time for me to buy my condo. She is an honest and fair negotiator who’s primary goal was to create a seemless transaction between me and the sellers."