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Stephanie Militello



I have been active in real estate for over 30 years and Stephanie is best I have worked with.

""Incredible experience with Stephanie. Extremely hard working, creative, persistent, honest, and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done. I have been active in real estate for over 30 years and Stephanie is best I have worked with. Strongly recommend.""

- Troy & Kari Rockford MI

Negotiation Skills Were Top of the Line.

"Stephanie was very helpful in getting together a list of homes for me to view that fit my preferences. I was able to find my dream starter home because of her. She was very knowledgeable about the area and her negotiation skills were top of the line."

- Joe Kropiewnicki Grand Rapids MI

She had to push to get what was needed,deal w/incompetence at a staggering level with glowing grace

""I can't say enough about how amazing this experience was. Stephanie helped us get into the house I've always dreamed of. She went totally above and beyond what was called for often doing the work of multiple people just to get things done. She had to push to get what was needed, deal with incompetence at a staggering level with glowing grace, and still put on a smile while talking to us and keeping us informed. There were multiple snags she had to work through in order to make this deal happen, and did so I think through sheer power of will. There is nothing subpar about Remax and Stephanie Militello. Every person wanting to buy a home needs Stephanie in their corner.""

- Nick & Nicole Maynard Hesperia, MI

She's A Ten Out of Five Star Realtor and Person!

"My family is new to the area - Stephanie was the first person we met, and man if she didn't set the bar high! She was incredibly helpful not just in helping us select a home, but in helping aquaint us with the area on a whole. She was able to help me get in touch with doctors, find awesome food, and show us what a jewel the city is! All this, PLUS helping us land on a house that we know will be our perfect home! I cannot recommend her highly enough - and I'd like to think that we made a new friend. She is lovely and vibrant and FAST! I was so impressed with her ability to get questions answered! (I'd ask. She'd make the call. I'd get my answer!) She's a ten out of five star realtor and person! Not having her in your pocket is an injustice to your purchase process if you're in the GR location!"

- Taylor Thompson Byron Center, MI

Best realtor I Have Ever Worked With by Far!

"Best realtor I have ever worked with by far. Always super helpful, completely knowledgeable about the market and goes the extra mile. Could not be happier with our choice of agent and highly recommend Stephanie for any one looking for a high level agent."

- Angela Long Byron Center MI

Former Realtor and She is By Far and Away the Best Realtor I Have Ever Known.

"This was a very difficult deal to bring to close. Lots of issues with the sellers agent getting documentation to seller to review and sign. Areas needed to be addressed. Stephanie built in several extra things into the purchase agreement, that included; sale based on appraisal, updates or certifications for issues addressing electrical, heating, home and pest inspections. Also included charges related to home owner not vacating the house 30 days after close (and it was a good thing, because the home owner tried to stay beyond the 30 days). Stephanie pushed through all of these things with a professional attitude and good humor. I am a former realtor and she is by far and away one of the best Realtors I have ever known."

- Dawn Smith, Grand Rapids MI

I don't think we could have found a better advocate,

"I don't think we could have found a better advocate, resource, and person for selling our home! Stephanie is incredibly responsive, knowledgeable, and personable. She will be honest and candid with you about expectations, yet she's willing to take risks. Her creative ideas for staging definitely helped us get the most out of our sale. She's going to fight for you and work kindly with you. Our situation was unique, but we gained an ROI of nearly 25% in less than a year. This would not have been possible without Stephanie. We'll definitely be giving Stephanie a call when we're looking for a buying agent."

- Kasey Stevens, Grand Rapids, MI

I highly recommend you take the guess work out of it and just hire Stephanie, she's amazing.

""Working with Stephanie was an absolute dream. Stephanie streamlined the process and went above and beyond the call of duty, she made a stressful process much easier by her hard working demeanor. She has great communication and knowledge regarding every aspect of the process and we're so thrilled we stumbled upon her from a Google search. I highly recommend you take the guess work out of it and just hire Stephanie, she's amazing.""

- Phil & Kristin Schaner, Grand Rapids MI

She is a Doll and We Will Use Her for all of our Homes to Come!

"She is there when you need her and ready to get the job done! She is efficient and will make sure everyone involved in your home buying process is working on your timeline. She is a doll and we will use her for all of our homes to come!"

- Elizabeth Sinclair, Grand Rapids, MI


""If you are looking for a new house, an agent to help you to sell your old house or a super cool friend who respond your text literally anytime for any questions, SHE IS THE ONE!!!!! I never write a review on anything but I had to write one for her. It was our first time buying a house and my husband and I had NO IDEA what we are doing. Before I met her, my husband and I had talked with a couple other real estate agents (we didn't have any contract) and we couldn't tell if they understood what we are looking for or even care what we said.... Often they were just busy advertising how great they are or tried to convince us to buy a house that wasn't even in the same location we were moving to. It was really frustrated because I could tell not only they were not listening to us but also they weren't really interested in putting any extra effort to get to know us personally. So we decided to go our own. We searched a few open houses and that's how we met her. She was the host of the 3rd house we visited that day and we were expecting the same greeting, 'reading- out-of-paper' briefing about the house and soulless smile from her. But she was different. Unlike other agents in previous houses, she gave us time to explore the house by our own then share the honest opinion and useful information with us. Here is crazy story, the offers were going to present to the seller very next day and we weren't even have our pre-approve from bank. I knew this is the house for us but we basically gave up on it as the house already had a few offers down and we weren't even qualified to put an offer. Regardless the situation she still answered all our questions (A LOT OF QUESTIONS) nicely and even educate us about basic process of 'how-to-buy-a-house'. Again, it was our first time buying a house and we didn't have agent to work with, so information we have were VERY LIMITED. We explained to her our situation and told her how much we want that house. She wasn't even our agent yet she still ran extra mile for us to help us. We already had a lender that we were trying to get pre-aprove but the person who help us didn't know what he was doing. Thankfully she had connection in that same institution and let us to talk to one of the best loan processor. It was Saturday so I really didn't think we would get to hold on to her. But guess what, we got all paperwork done for pre-approval exact same day and were be able to put down an offer less than 24 hours before the deadline! And as you could expect, our offer got excepted!! From that point, we had Stephanie as our agent (so she were work as dual agent) and she made whole process so much easier and smooth. Seriously, what kind of agent would read the PA document word by word and explain the circumstance to their client? I'm telling you paper work can be VERY VERY painful if you don't have right person besides you... She ALWAYS responds my text, call, email day end night which was really helpful to us. not to mention since she were working for the seller too she played great mediator between us and the seller. (sellers were fantastic people too.) There is happy vibe around her and the she has such positive personality toward any kinds of problem (that really saved this worried couple from number of sleepless night haha) She also always assured that we are on the same page with her and kept us update constantly so we don't miss anything. We closed a 2 days ago and we officially got the house! you might think that her job is done and we are never going to talk again, but nope. like I said, she treat you like a friend not like just a client she is passing by. I think I can write about her for days... anyway my point is.. SHE IS THE BEST !!!! :D""

- Bradley Dewitt & Ara Seo

She knows What she is Doing, Knows what is Best for you, & Tells you what you Need to hear!

"Having Stephanie to guide us along this, sometimes stressful process, was very relieving. She is a professional and always there when you need her. She knows what she is doing, knows what is best for you, and tells you what you need to hear. Working with Stephanie is wonderful. Very thankful to have had her along for the ride."

- Jake Losey, Grand Rapids MI

She negotiated fiercely for us when necessary

""Stephanie was incredibly helpful! She was so responsive to our needs and truly worked to understand what our family needed in a home. We were on a short deadlines and when it came time to make a decision Stephanie showed us 3 excellent options. She negotiated fiercely for us when necessary and got us into our new house on time. Would strongly recommend Stephanie."

- Ben Lundquist, Hudsonville, MI

Stephanie extremely thorough and represented us well through the entire process...

"Stephanie is an outstanding agent. She is extremely thorough and represented us well through the entire process from purchase to the sale of our home."

- Mary White, Rockford, MI

Stephanie is an amazing realtor!

"Stephanie is an amazing realtor. She goes above and beyond. You tell her what you want and she will work tirelessly to help you find the home you are looking for. She is warm and friendly and outgoing. She's made a great impression. She knows the area, knows what to do, will respond very quickly and thoroughly and has no problem working for your behalf. I would recommend her first and foremost to anyone looking to sell or buy a home!!!"

- Jeremy Smith

Stephanie is by Far the Best Agent!

"Stephanie is by far the best agent I have had the pleasure of working with! Her negotiation skills are top notch! She works hard and genuinely has your best interest at heart. She found so many wonderful options for me, and was quick to write offers/respond when I needed her to. She goes above and beyond to make sure you find your dream home! I highly, highly recommend Stephanie"

- Sarah Christine Grand Rapids, MI

Stephanie is Excellent and Went Above and Beyond.

"Stephanie is a great realtor. She gets the job done! Me and my husband found our dream home. Stephanie is Excellent and went above and beyond for me and my husband.she is very helpful and honest. She answers every call and text and emails. She also answers every question we have and if she doesn't have information she will find you the information and answer the questions asked."

- Tammy Sprague Allendale, MI

Stephanie Militello is The Best Real Estate Agent!

"Stephanie Militello is one of the best Real Estate Agents I have ever known or worked with. Without her, the deal to buy my house would never of happened. She pushed through all of the issues and road blocks and dealt with a very disconnected agent on the other side. Thank you for all your hard work Stephanie Militello."

- Dawn Smith

Stephanie Militello Removed the Worry and Frustration from our Buying Experience.

"Stephanie Militello removed the worry and frustration from our buying experience. Having purchased several homes previously, Stephanie ranks at the top of the list as a buyer's realtor. She does not hesitate to engage and assist with all aspects of the purchasing experience and assist in areas that are indirectly related as well. Having the buyers best interest at the forefront during the initial due diligence - geographic research / review on best location to live, commute to work and other related subjects, Stephanie engaged and presented the information without us even asking. She is a top notch negotiator and she created a total purchase cost analysis for us, well in advance of closing, and assisted in relocation as well and helped with the logistics when it came time for us to relocate to our new home. Stephanie goes way beyond the average (or normal) experience when purchasing a home. We have confidence in her abilities and have already committed to her being our listing agent when its time to sell... "5 star plus rating"...."

- Joe & Pat Aitchison

Stephanie was a Breath of Fresh Air!

"Stephanie was a breath of fresh air! She was very thorough and helpful throughout the entire search for a house, mortgage selections and closing. There were multiple offers on the house we wanted, and with her knowledge of the market, we were able to make an offer we were comfortable with and got our house! I highly recommend Stephanie if you want friendly, personal, professional, and a hard-working realtor. You will not be disappointed!"

- Lisa Lemke, Rockford, MI

Stephanie was a Breath of Fresh Air!

"Stephanie was a breath of fresh air! She was very thorough and helpful throughout the entire search for a house, mortgage selections and closing. There were multiple offers on the house we wanted, and with her knowledge of the market, we were able to make an offer we were comfortable with and got our house! I highly recommend Stephanie if you want friendly, personal, professional, and a hard-working realtor. You will not be disappointed!"

- Lisa Lemke, Rockford, MI

Stephanie was Absolutely Amazing

"Stephanie was absolutely amazing with helping me sell my home. She was with me every step of the way, from getting it ready to list and show to closing - even though scheduling was tricky! She had a great knowledge of the area and is very hard working. Stephanie is very responsive when you need to get a hold of her and is always willing to give her time to help. I will not hesitate to use her again and again for buying and selling a home."

- Jessica Dippel, Grand Rapids MI

Stephanie went the Extra Mile Again & Again,Constantly Renegotiating as things came to our attention

"Coming from a rental, and never owning a home previously, Stephanie made this process much easier than we ever thought it could be! Stephanie went the extra mile again and again, constantly renegotiating as things came to our attention. She has assembled an excellent network of professional contacts which she utilizes to make sure her clients are covered in the most helpful, respectful, and responsive way. Stephanie converses through many forms of communication (call, text, or e-mail), to excellent effect. She worked tirelessly in order to make sure my wife and I were comfortable, and well informed. A question never went unanswered, and was always answered quickly! If we find ourselves on the market in the future, I wouldn't hesitate to give Stephanie a call!"

- Jared & Emily Hills Grand Rapids MI

We Love working with her and would Recommend her to anyone!

"We used Stephanie to sell both our daughter's home and our home and purchase our new forever home (farm). She was excellent and always willing to go the extra mile and help us with things that needed to be addressed even before we put the houses on the market for sale. We love working with her and would recommend her to anyone! Had and are still having a great experience working with her."

- Wendy & John Middleville, MI